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20 Time World Champion

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34Alien Ramirez was born in the city of Bayamo, Cuba. Her interest in the art of dancing started at a very early age. Since she was 4 years old, she never stopped dancing.

Alien started her professional dance training at the EIA (Escuela de Instructores de Arte, Cuba) where she developed her skills in several different types of dances. Some of these styles include ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, flamenco, Cuban folklore and, of course, all Latin styles and Afro-Cuban as well as gymnastics. Not only she trained as a dancer but also she graduated as a trained instructor.
After graduating, she worked at the Olga Alonso Dance Studio in Cuba teaching Latin dance and Afro-Cuban styles. At the age of nineteen she arrived to the United States hoping to make her dreams come true. When in Miami, she partnered up with Nelson Gaston Vidarte with whom she obtained several recognitions and won the World Salsa Federation Championship 2004 in two different divisions. Also she won the World Salsa Casino Style Championship in Miami in 2004.
Alien Ramirez
At the age of twenty one, she moved to Los Angeles, CA. She has since worked and partnered with many top professionals in Los Angeles such as Alex Da Silva, Cristian Oviedo, Rodrigo Guzman, Grizzly Hidriago, David Nieto, Jorge Contreras, Martin Galezz, Erick Calvillo and many others.
Alien, in her career as a dancer, she has worked as a dancer for several television shows, video clips, TV commercials and as an assistant choreographer for the TV shows “So You Think You Can Dance” (2005 to 2008). In addition, she teaches and conducts workshops in recognized night clubs such as The Mayan, Mama Juanas, Tapas, Cocomo (San Francisco). She has also traveled around the world teaching and performing in Mexico, Canda, Argentina, El Salvador, Spain, Australia, Germany, Costa Rica, Colombia, Japan, Austria, Guatemala, Germany, Morocco and many more.

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